Reach your highest goals

We work through the lens of law, ethics, humanity, and integrity to help you and your business flourish.

Our Practice Areas

About Our Approach

Business is always, ultimately, about people. Their goals. Challenges. Relationships. Personalities. Values. And dreams.

Much of what we understand about people and business, we’ve learned – by mindful observation, by staying curious, by listening intently to their needs, fears, and visions – what they say, and don’t say.

Most People Can't See The FOREST FOR THE TREES

The truth is, most people are working so hard on the detailed tasks at hand they can’t make the strategic, big picture decisions they need to truly succeed and thrive, in business or life.

That's Where we come in.

We Serve, Uplift, & Call Forth Your Best

As attorneys, advisors, and strategists, we’ve always had a passion for and belief in serving and uplifting others, calling forth their best and highest order goals. To us, that is wisdom.

Always working through the Lens of Law & Humanity

Whether we’re helping create transition plans, scale offerings, select and implement systems, find and secure real estate, talent, and resources, merge with, or acquire other businesses, we’re always working through the lens of law, ethics, humanity, and integrity, relying on our collective skills, experiences, and acumen.

Empowering you to Succeed

We do more than help clients see and seize opportunities, we empower people to identity and overcome challenges so they can succeed in ways they didn’t know were possible.

And together, create a growing, greater good

For us, it’s simple. By serving and empowering others so they can flourish personally and professionally, we create an ever-expanding community that understands the power of working together. Not just for themselves, but for an always-growing, greater good.

Ready for you and your business to thrive?

Meet Your Team

Practice Areas

Business Consulting

We work closely with business owners, franchisees, and multi-line entrepreneurs to align their lives and businesses with the best and highest goals for themselves and their families, partners, and employees. From thinking through an idea to a new business to considering options for an exit, we can help.

Strategic Planning

Our team has managed countless strategic planning efforts, from half-day retreats to year-long intensive processes. We help your team from business and state agencies see the future they never thought they could build.


Our team are all entrepreneurs themselves, so we understand your struggle. Let us help you think through your fledgling business, structure your cap table, and find the right partners and investors.

Economic Development

If you're an in-state, out-of-state or international business trying to navigate the complexities of state, county, and local laws, regulations, and incentives for success in South Carolina, count on us. With our extensive resources, we'll act as your support system to get you established and handle everything from real estate negotiation and construction to employee benefits and insurance, and more.