A passion for Cultivating Wisdom

As attorneys and advisors, we’ve always had a passion for and belief in serving and uplifting others, calling forth their best and highest goals. To us, that is wisdom.

Dan D’Alberto

Partner & Attorney

We’re here to listen, not hear ourselves talk. We treat each other and those we serve as inherently valuable.

Michael A. Graham

Partner & Attorney

We're here to do something meaningful for people, businesses, and communities.

Skilled & agile General Counsel Services

Ever wished you could quickly and easily run an idea, an issue, or a business question by an experienced attorney? That’s where we come in.

No in-house legal staff? No problem. We have the skills and experience to manage an array of ongoing matters – from compliance and contracts to risk management and joint ventures – hassle-free and value-conscious. For companies with general counsel or in-house staff, we act as an experienced extension of the team in times of critical need or underserved areas of your business.

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From startup to succession Business Transactions

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a startup company, or a large corporation, ensuring your transactions are handled with wisdom and care can mean the difference between prosperity and failure. Our experienced team will help you navigate the complex business transaction landscape and offer sound counsel on everything from formations, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance to regulatory compliance, daily operations, succession planning, and more.

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Experience & compliance Commercial Real Estate

Finding and securing commercial real estate is challenging, and ensuring the entire process is done legally and ethically is more than important, it’s vital to the success of your deal.

As attorneys and advisors we work with both South Carolina-based developers as lead counsel and out-of-state buyers and commercial title offices to ensure your deal complies with legal, ethical, tax and zoning standards.

Together with our affiliate, Overbrook Title Company, Inc., we provide significant resources throughout the South Carolina’s 46 counties, including title abstracting, asset checks, document delivery and retrieval, and an array of title insurance services.

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Trusts & Estates

Estate planning can seem daunting, but we make it easy. From a simple will to planning for medical contingencies, to setting up a trust to assist with the transfer of wealth to the next generation, we offer comprehensive estate planning services for individuals and business owners. Instead of making you fit into a standard set of documents, we start by listening to your individual needs and counseling you through the entire process -- meeting your specific goals and setting your mind at ease.

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